5 Tips to Stay Active During Social Isolation

With so many uncertainties in the world, and so much out of our control, regular exercise and movement is more important than ever. With our daily routines interrupted, most of us aren’t moving as much as we normally do to complete day to day tasks. In addition to the many amazing physical benefits exercise provides (lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure etc.), exercise has been shown to help manage mood, anxiety, and depression.

Reframe What Exercise “Looks Like”

Exercising at home can be a difficult transition. It might look and feel completely different than how it previously did, and that’s okay! Figure out what tools you have at your disposal. If you have home equipment collecting dust somewhere, get it out and use it! If not, do you have anything around your house that you might be able to use as exercise equipment or space? What you do at home does not have to be the same as, or equivalent to what you did before. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.