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Are You Ready to Get MOTIVATED This Winter?

Do you struggle to stay motivated with your exercise and nutrition goals through the winter and holidays?

Do you enjoy having your own goals, but are also motivated by participating in a group or program with others?

Are you ready to be inspired and carried forward by your teammates?

Maintaining momentum through the holidays and winter is always tough. This year, dealing with a global pandemic adds one more hurdle to our health and wellness goals. The good news is that you do not have to tackle this challenging time alone! Motivation Mania lets you work together as team to achieve individual victories, while pushing and inspiring your teammates towards progress.


What is Motivation Mania?

Over a 12-week virtual program, you will:

  • Set weekly individual exercise, nutrition, and/or self-care goals - you decide!

  • Receive weekly updates on overall team progress

  • Track everyone's progress on the Progress Board. Please note, goals and progress will be posted anonymously

  • Encourage and inspire others, and BE encouraged and inspired

  • Receive tips, recipes, handouts, feedback and more from our professional staff

  • Participate in monthly raffle drawing

  • Tackle a 12- week team challenge


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