Join WCWMR every Saturday from 10:00 am - 11:00 am for Saturday Scoop!

During this live-virtual group session, one of our team members will cover weight management topics and demonstrations such as healthy cooking demos, a discussion on emotional eating, live exercise classes, and even a Q & A with Dr. Rubino. Topics change every week, so be sure to look below for this month's Scoops!

Cost: Free for active comprehensive patients, $15.00/group for others (orig. $35). 


5.1.21          Setting Better Boundaries at Work and Beyond       Dr. Rachel Burnett, Ph.D            


Many of our patients struggle to take care of themselves because their jobs are demanding, and they work long hours. How can you start to set better limits with your work so there is more time and energy to spend on your health and happiness needs (healthy regular meals, having some fun, adequate sleep, effective stress management, down time, regular exercise, etc.)? Please join clinical psychologist Rachel Burnett, PhD for a continuation of discussion and problem-solving on this topic. Hopefully you will leave this session with some concrete new ideas to try. 



5.8.21          Harnessing Curiosity for Growth and Change       Dr. Rachel Burnett, Ph.D.   


When we’ve been working at weight management for a long time, it can sometimes be difficult to remain curious about it and ourselves. However, we know that approaching weight management from an intentional place of questioning, keen observation, and wondering what we might learn can be a powerful and energizing tool. Please join clinical psychologist Rachel Burnett, PhD to learn more about harnessing your own curiosity to help you on your weight loss journey.


5.15.2021         Coffee and Conversation       Dr. Rubino       


Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and join Dr. Rubino for a dialogue about the weight management challenges you have been facing. Relax, connect and learn in this open discussion, where Dr. Rubino will answer questions on the trials and tribulations of weight loss. Please keep in mind that this Saturday Scoop is to discuss the challenges of weight loss. You are welcome to make an appointment with Dr. Rubino to address any pertinent medical issues.



5.22.21         Let's Talk Fiber!       Lauren Trocchio, RD

You've undoubtedly been told fiber is good for you, in particular for things like regularity, but did you know it has other positive health effects as well, such as managing blood sugar and improving cholesterol? Additionally, there are different types of fibers in foods and fiber supplements, and each type can have a different effect. Some forms of fiber may help gastrointestinal issues, but others may make them worse! Join Lauren for a discussion on all things fiber, from the various types to how much is recommended. She'll also prepare example meals and snacks showing various fiber types and amounts.


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