Saturdays, 10:00 am - 11:00 am 

Free for active comprehensive patients, $20.00/group for others (originally $35)

7.3.21          No Saturday Scoop, 4th of July Weekend       


7.10.21          Creating Communities       Dr. Burnett   


Communities can take many forms (neighborhood, school, work, place of worship, classes, leisure interests, sports teams, etc.), but finding/sustaining community has been especially difficult given the social isolation of COVID. Please join clinical psychologist Rachel Burnett, PhD to check in about where you are with getting this basic need met and hear some ideas for bringing more community into your life.


7.17.2021         Prebiotics, Probiotics and Gut Health       Lauren Trocchio, RD   


The gut has become an area of interest not only for its effects on gastrointestinal health, but also for its potential impact to other systems within the body. Specifically, the population of gut bacteria has been the focal point. But what foods are good for our guts, and what does our gut bacteria mean for and reflect about our health? And do we all need to be taking probiotics? Join Lauren the dietitian for this talk on all things related to gut health! You'll learn about prebiotics, probiotics, and what we know about gut bacteria to date. A sample meal will also be prepared with a focus on foods that are good for the gut!


7.24.21         Exercising to Fit Your "Now"        Rachel Trope, MS, CEP 

We know exericse is good for us, and even that it can FEEL good when we're done. When it comes time to execute our exercise plans, however, it can be difficult to get started. There are many reasons why starting to move, or continuing an exercise program can be challenging. A busy schedule, fatigue, an absolute idea of what exercise "should" look like, and general dislike of movement are just a few. Join Rachel Trope, MS, CEP in a discussion of how to identify and overcome these (and other) barrires, so you can move your body in a way that works best for you right now.

7.31.21         Prioritizing You - Barriers and Solutions        Dr. Burnett

Life is busy - many people have intense jobs, lots of family responsibilities, and/or difficulty putting themselves near the top of their priority list. Not prioritizing ourselves not only ends up feeling pretty crummy, but it makes it really hard to stick with healthy lifestyle changes. In this group, clinical psychologist Rachel Burnett, PhD. will help you identify what gets in the way of prioritizing yourself, and give you some ideas for getting more of what you need.


What is Virtual Saturday Scoop?


  • Live streaming on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 11:00 am

  • Each session covers different weight management topics ranging from adequate protein intake, to finding your best activity, to coping with emotions

  • Led by alternating member of our teams

  • (clinical psychologist, exercise physiologist, or dietitian)