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Comprehensive Program

The Comprehensive Program draws on an integrative model of weight management and addresses all aspects of health, including medical, nutritional, behavioral, activity and psychological wellness. You will meet with a different team member every week on a rotational basis for optimal support.

Choose a weight loss approach that suits your needs and lifestyle:


Directed Path: a meal replacement based approach (with fresh fruits and vegetables) that limits choices and allows you to temporarily step away from food safely and build a sustainable foundation. This path is most appropriate for those with a large amount of weight to lose or who have medical conditions necessitating weight loss.


Guided Path: A combined food and meal replacement flexible approach. Create a meal plan based on your needs and adapted to your lifestyle.


Self-Directed Path: A weight loss plan designed in collaboration with our nutritionist to meet your specific medical and nutritional needs yet work with your lifestyle. This path is ideal for those who want to learn to manage food through weekly nutritional, behavioral and psychological support.


Sustaining Path: A plan for weight maintenance that provides ongoing coaching sessions to reinforce the tools and skills learned to help you face life’s daily challenges.

Virtual Path: Designed for the individual who wants to check in weekly but can't always make it to the clinic. Group-based, team-taught, weekly live online sessions providing education and support. Initial and final in-person appointment with dietitian included.

Individual Services

To help you find the approach that works best for you, all services are available on an individual basis.  Individual doctor, dietician, therapist or exercise physiologist visits are available in any combination depending on your circumstances and what works for you on a fee for service basis. 

We offer the following services:


  • Endocrine evaluation and management

  • Obesity medications

  • Pre or post gastric bypass management

  • Nutritional plan and guidance

  • Emotional and behavioral support

  • Cognitive behavioral training

  • Exercise plan, training and coaching (group and individual)

  • Group education and support (in person and virtual)

  • Resting metabolic rate assessment and analysis

  • Meal replacements

  • Weight maintenance

  • Grocery store tours

  • Cooking classes

  • Workshops

  • Wellness program-team based, comprehensive approach to improving your overall health

Follow-up or check-in appointments may also be conducted on telephone or internet, allowing you greater flexibility for your schedule, if you desire.

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