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Labor Day Weekend Exercise Challenge

When we think of Labor Day, we think of barbeques, trips to the beach, and family gatherings. Why not start thinking of Labor Day Weekend as an opportunity to get some extra exercise in?

Try the Labor Day Ladder Challenge, starting Friday, August 31st.

(Don't worry, no actual ladders are involved)

Here is how it works: Start with at least 10 minutes of exercise on Friday, and then go up the “exercise ladder,” by adding an additional 2 minutes each day throughout the long weekend. Here is an example of what that might look like:

Friday, August 31st: Walk for (at least) 10 minutes

Saturday, September 1st: Walk for (at least) 12 minutes

Sunday, September 2nd: Walk for (at least) 14 minutes

Monday, September 3rd: Walk for (at least) 16 minutes

You can stick to the same activity all weekend, or choose something different each day. Of course, you can always increase your time by more than two minute, just be sure to listen to your body. Try getting your family and friends involved in the fun! We would love to hear if you decide to complete the challenge, and if so, how it goes.

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