Rainy Day Exercise

Just because it is raining (and raining!) doesn't mean your exercise has to suffer. Try this indoor workout to get your blood pumping!

What you need: Exercise shoes, comfortable clothes, water, enough space to move around and a timer or stopwatch. Try downloading a free timer app like "Interval Timer" to help you keep track of the time!


There are 3 groupings, each with 5 "exercises" including 2 rest intervals. Each exercise (including rest) should be done for 30 seconds. Move continuously from exercise to exercise without stopping unless "Rest/Recovery" is specified. You will complete each grouping 3 times before moving on to the next grouping. In between rounds, you will rest for 2 minutes. Scroll all the way down to the bottom for an example of "Round 1"

Round #1

Jumping Jacks (Modification: Low Impact Jumping Jack)


Pushups (Modification: Wall Pushups)