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Saturday Scoop 6/8/19 Urge Surfing: Help With Not Giving into Old Habits

What is "urge surfing?" Whether applied to overeating, substance abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors, the idea of “urge surfing” (attributed to the late psychologist Alan Marlatt, Ph.D.) is to help people not fall back into old habits. Usually, these urges or cravings begin, peak, and dissipate over a brief period. Urge surfing involves noticing where in your body you experience the urge or craving, getting to know these sensations, and then using the breath to sit with the experience and “surf the wave” of it without giving into it. Join clinical psychologist Rachel Burnett, Ph.D. for an introduction to urge surfing followed by some hands-on practice.

What is Saturday Scoop? If you’ve never been to Saturday Scoop, every Saturday one of our amazing clinicians leads a 1-hour interactive group (10:00 am to 11:00 am) that cover a variety of health or weight related topics. Each sessions involves new information and a group discussion.

Free for active Comprehensive Program patients; $35 per session for all others

Prepayment package discounts available.

Do you have questions or want to RSVP?

Call 703.807.0037 or email Michelle at

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