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Summer Strength Series (A Saturday Scoop Special)

Webster’s dictionary defines "strength training" as “activities that make muscles stronger.” Strength training is important for general health, improves mood, and can aide weight loss or maintenance. But, what are these “activities, and how do we do them? There is a barrage of information available about the “best” way to strength train, not to mention gym equipment can be bulky and difficult to use. Join Rachel Trope, MS, CEP for a special 3-part series where she demystifies and simplifies strength training. All workouts are appropriate for ANY fitness level. Modifications are encouraged. Try just 1, or come to all 3!

Each session will include information on strength training myths, benefits and a different way to build muscle using just your body and minimal equipment.

Summer Strength Series Schedule:

Saturday, June 15th: Bodyweight Basics

Did you know that you can use your own body weight to overload your muscles and increase strength? Learn about what it takes to build new muscle, and then try it out for yourself. This portable workout can be done at home, or on vacation, and is guaranteed to make you feel good!

Saturday, June 29th: Resistance Bands and Core

Resistance bands are a great way to take your workout up a notch without buying bulky equipment. This workout will focus on proper use of resistance bands to shape and tone. As a bonus, it will include a 5-minute core workout at the end.

Saturday, July 13th: Go Slow

Often-times we speed through our workouts to get them over with. Slowing down your movements can increase the benefit you get from each repetition. We will focus on form and breath to target muscle groups in a new way.

Free for comprehensive patients, and $35.00 per session for everyone else

Sign up for all 3 in advance, and pay just $90.00

RSVP to Michelle @

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