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Washington Center Walks, a FREE Saturday Walking Group

Did you know that we offer a FREE walking group every other Saturday? If you have been wanting to start walking, but need motivation and support, Washington Center Walks is for you!

Every other Saturday, at 8:30 am, Washington Center Walks facilitates an environment of strength and support to walkers of ALL fitness levels. Whether you want to walk 3 minutes, or 3 miles, Washington Center Walks is there to help you achieve your goal!

How to Join

Step 1) Email Rachel at

Step 2) Receive emails with group walk details

Step 3) RSVP to the walks you would like to participate in

Step 4) Walk!

Group Walk Details

Where: Meet in the waiting room, we will walk on the trail right in front of the office building. If you miss us, we exit to the trail from garage level B2.

What to Bring: Yourself, comfortable walking shoes, water, and sunscreen. You also might want to consider lite layers.

How Long: Saturday Group Walks will consist of two “Out and Back” legs. You will have the option of walking the first leg only, or continuing on for both. Please note that everyone will start at the same time regardless of the distance they plan to walk. Time/distance updates will be provided periodically throughout the duration of the walk. You are welcome and encouraged to modify your walk as you need to.

How far do I have to walk? It is important to customize the walk to fit your needs. People often turn around after 5 or 10 minutes.

Out and Back #1:

Start Time: 8:30 AM

Distance: Approximately 1.5 miles

Out and Back #2:

Out and back #2 will be slightly longer, and is a continuation of the walk for those who wish to walk more than 1.5 miles. Just as with out and back #1, you may turn around at any point.

Total Distance:

Approximately 3.2 miles (including out and backs #1 and #2)

For questions or to join this FREE group, email Rachel Trope at

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