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How Does Exercise Make Me Feel?

September has arrived in the DMV. School is back in session (along with traffic), days are getting shorter, and the Holidays are looming just around the corner. Transitions often translate to stress, but can also be the PERFECT time to practice some self-care by starting (or continuing) regular exercise.

Exercise can feel overwhelming, ESPECIALLY this time of year. Tuning in to how exercise makes you feel can fuel motivation and help you stick to your goals.

Before you exercise, take a quiet moment to notice how tired you are, and what kind of mood you are in (happy, anxious, sad). Really notice how your body feels. Ask yourself the same questions both during, and after exercise. You can even keep a log of your answers to see how, and if these things change.

When you're having trouble convincing yourself to take that 5 minute walk, or go for a swim, focus on the positive aspect of how exercise felt last time you did it. Did you feel less tired? How did exercise effect your mood?

If you want a little extra motivation and comradery, join our FREE walking group every other Saturday at 8:30 am. Email Rachel at for details.

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