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Back to Basics; Mental Health and Self Care

Feeling like you would like more virtual mental health or live exercise support? Check out our Sunday discussion support group or Wednesday exercise group!

Find details by clicking on "virtual groups."

Trying to start or maintain habits with food and exercise are challenging all by themselves, let alone with the current situation in the world. Perhaps you have found the "stay at home" requirements to be helpful for meal planning and prepping, or perhaps it has introduced some new challenges for managing food and exercise. Whether you are working right now to just maintain some structure, or trying to implement new habits, taking care of your mental health can be so important for feeling on track and steady right now. Check out this video from Dr. Rachel Burnett, our psychologist, with tips on how to practice taking care of yourself during this time.

Considering ways to practice self-care and take a break? Join Rachel for a brief breathing exercise to help you pause and reset!

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