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Pandemic Pain

Over and over again people tell me that since the pandemic began, they are experiencing more (back, knee, hip) pain. Did you know that most of this pain is caused by mechanical issues rather then injury or arthritis? This means that movement and gentle stretching can significantly help decrease the amount pain you are experiencing. Let's be honest, now more than ever, we are sitting more, and moving less. For most of us, our every day tasks are all in one place now, and we simply don't have to move as much as we used to. In addition, many of us are leaning over a computer screen, slouching on the couch, or staring down at a phone for the majority of the day.

Poor posture and lack of regular movement is one of the major causes of pain. Don't worry, there is a solution! Take a few minutes and review the attached ACSM Pandemic Posture article to help guide you toward less pain. After you read it, use this checklist tool so you can set up a pain free workstation or Zoom station.

Pandemic Posture
Download PDF • 748KB


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